In 2014, the UK Structured Products Association supported The Personal Financial Society’s Q4 Regional Conferences. The conferences were aimed at providing PFS members with an opportunity to understand key developments in the investment and pensions market. During each conference, Structured Products was on the agenda and our members travelled around the UK to present "Structured Products and Behavioural Economics - How Structured Products can be used in financial planning to help investors and advisers meet their objectives”.

The aim of the presentation was to help PFS members understand how the main features of structured products work, understand the investment risks involved and understand the circumstances in which these products have a valid place in investors’ portfolios.

Over 2,000 PFS members attended the 26 conferences during Q4 2014.

Zak De Mariveles, Chairman of the UK Structured Products Association said of the conferences: "UKSPA and it’s members were very pleased to be supporting PFS during their Q4 conferences and to help PFS members gain a better understanding of Structured Products and how they fit within an investor’s portfolio. As an association, we are dedicated to educating the investment community about structured products and promoting greater understanding of how structured products can contribute to effective financial planning."

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