Glossary - D

Dealing Date

Dates during the investment term of a Structured Product where investors can sell their existing holdings.

Deposit Plans

Deposit Plans are Structured Deposits, which are term deposits (similar to a fixed rate bond) with a variable return linked to the performance of an Underlying. They can be held within a variety of wrappers such as a Cash ISA.

Deposit Taker

The institution (usually a bank or building society) that will hold a Structured Deposit and will return the investment at the end of the term (together with any return that is due to investors).


A Digital product delivers a fixed return if the Underlying meets a certain condition (for example, if it is at or above a certain level on a certain date).

Direct Investment

An investment in a Structured Product outside of an ISA.

Disrupted Day

Any Business Day on which a relevant Exchage fails to open for trading during its regular trading session or on which a Market Disruption Event has occurred.

Dual Index

Where the return or repayment of capital provided by a Structured Product is linked to the worst performing of two Underlyings. These are typically higher risk than Structured Products where returns are linked to just one Underlying, but as a result should offer the potential for greater returns.
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