Glossary - M

Market Disruption Event

A situation where markets cease to function in a regular manner. This can be due to physical threats to the stock exchange or to unusual trading. In either case, the disruption results in disorderly market conditions.

Market Risk

The risk of losing money (or not receiving a return) because of negative performance in the Underlying.


The date when a Structured Product ends

Maturity Date

The date on which a Structured Product is due to mature.

Maturity Payment Date

The date on which the maturity proceeds of a Structured Product is paid to investors.

Moody's Investor Services Limite

One of the main credit ratings agencies who will determine and distribute credit ratings for all major institutions. Moody's Investor Services Limited provides credit ratings and research for debt instruments and securities globally. It is part of Moody's Corporation, which operates from 33 countries. Moody's publishes both short-term and long-term credit ratings, rating institutions on a sliding scale from 'Aaa' to 'Caa', where 'Aaa' denotes the highest level of financial strength and 'Caa' the lowest. Click here for a more in-depth breakdown of the ratings.
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