1299 - Income - Other

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No data available for Non-Protected Income - Other (Product Code 1299). Please click on one of the headings below if you would like to see the historical performance for one of the other Product Codes that falls within the Non-Protected Income sector:

1230: Fixed Income
1280: Range Accrual Income
1290: Conditional Income
1299: Income - Other

Source: Future Value Consultants. Historical performance information shown on this page is calculated by FVC on a monthly basis. FVC independently calculates mark-to-market valuations of all members' products, the results of which are aggregated to produce historical performance data for each sector, Product Code and Synthetic Risk Indicator (however please note that prior to January 2018, data is segmented according to the UKSPA Market Risk Rating, rather than the Synthetic Risk Indicator). This historical performance is provided for information purposes only, and is not a reliable indicator of future performance.



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