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UKSPA Guide to Risk Ratings for Financial Advisers

UKSPA Risk Ratings will no longer be in use from January 2018.

The UKSPA Risk Ratings are designed to help you compare different structured products available to UK investors. These ratings reflect both the market risk and the credit risk of a product, giving you the tolls you need to match products more closely to your clients' needs. This guide explains in detail how the UKSPA Risk Ratings are calculated, includes some illustrating of how they work in practice and provides answers for some frequently asked questions. Please note that this guide is intended for use by financial advisers only.

You can download the guide here.

You can view a breakdown of all UKSPA members product risk ratings and product codes by visiting the Future Value Consultants (FVC) website.

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Representing the collective interests of leading structured product manufacturers in the UK

The UK Structured Products Association ('UKSPA') is a membership organisation established by the leading manufacturers of structured products in the UK. UKSPA provides a unified voice for its members, working with regulators, financial advisers and other trade bodies. It serves a number of important functions, including engaging with regulators, developing best practice guidelines, educating the investment community and providing a useful source of information for manufacturers, financial advisers and retail investors within the UK.

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