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Professional Paraplanner: Capital Protection Need Increases on Investors' Negative Market Views
FT Adviser: Structured products can help in uncertain times
Citywire, David Stevenson: Amid choppy markets, keep an eye on structured products
Money Observer: Structured Products: A defensive option for all seasons?
Investment Week: Head-to-Head: Structured products vs absolute return funds
FVC Structured Product Performance  - April 2019
2018: Equity markets fall, Structured products prosper
Portfolio Adviser: Give me structured products over trackers any day
ILP Moneyfacts: Read how structured products can be used to guide investors towards calmer waters
Investment Week: IA admits defeat in structured product challenge against IFA
Professional Adviser: The impact of volatility on structured product returns
Lowes: Footsie boosts structured product performance in first half of 2017.
Lowes: Structured Products Annual Performance Review for 2016
What Investment: Exclusive: How to invest in structured products in bull markets.
FTAdviser: EU confirms Priips delay until 2018.
What Investment: Are structured products an alternative to absolute return?
IFLR: Priips needs structured product tailoring
What Investment: Structured products that can offer protection in down markets
Portfolio Adviser: FTSE 100-linked structured products dominate in Q2
Professional Adviser: What could 'PRIIPS' regulation mean for structured investments?
Fund Strategy: Market volatility delays structured product maturities
What Investment: Are structured deposits a good way to earn income?
Wealth Adviser: All FTSE 100 structured products deliver gains or protect capital in rocky first quarter
New Model Adviser: Will structured products do what they say on the tin?
Portfolio Adviser: PA Analysis: Could volatile markets spur structured products renaissance?
Money Observer: Choose structured products for security
Investment Europe: Structured products make case for portfolio inclusion
Portfolio Adviser: 2015 proves a strong year for structured products
FTAdviser: Only one structured product loses capital in 2015
FTAdviser: FCA tells advisers to get ready for Priips rules Equities slump could favour defensive structured products
New Model Adviser: Structured products review ripples continue to bite and benefit
New Model Adviser: Perils and perks: assessing share-linked structured products
What Investment: One way to achieve positive returns in slightly falling markets
Fund Strategy: Structured products: Abandon the FTSE at your own risk
FTAdviser: Structured products provide return of more than 8%
Portfolio Adviser: Structured products beat FTSE 100 return
Professional Adviser: FTSE 100 'strong performance' boosts structured product returns
Investors Chronicle: Beat stormy markets with structured products
FundWeb: Structured products: One man's risk is another man's volatility
MoneyWeek: It's time to welcome back structured products
Fundweb: Structured products: Auto-calling the shots
New Model Adviser: PRIIP rules prepare path to greater transparency
FTAdviser: Trade body launches structured product indices
What Investment: Can I sell out of a structured product early?
New Model Adviser: IFAs call for new standards to build confidence in structured products
FTAdviser: Jargon Busting: Structured Products Structured products market blasts Mifid II complexity tests
New Model Adviser: Derivatives: assisting angels or devils in disguise
New Model Adviser: How advisers want structured products to improve
Fundweb: Structured products: Should you surrender your structured product?
FTAdviser: New product rules will cause IFA 'headaches'
FTAdviser: Capital at risk products return over 8% in H1 2015
Investment Week: Passive investing: Time to go for growth?
New Model Adviser: How structured investments and high-yield bonds compare EU regulators clash over structured products risk ratings
Fundweb: Structured products: Weatherproofing options
New Model Adviser: Should you invest in structured products or buy the underlying derivatives?
New Model Adviser: Platforms or plans: what is best way to access structured products
New Model Adviser: Sizing up structured products: how three classes compare
Fundweb: The danger of assumptions on structured products
Money Observer: Can structured products really shield investors' gains from stock market setbacks?
Fundweb: FCA research on structured deposits not representative
FTAdviser: Specialist defends structured products
New Model Adviser: Structured Products: Weighing up the risks of cashing in early
FTAdviser: Trade body concern over 'future event' risk warnings
FTAdviser: Structured product association launches adviser website
New Model Adviser: Autocalls v equity income: greater stability or richer returns?
Investment Week: Gosling's Grouse: Know your ratings
UKSPA Risk Ratings available on FVC UKSPA contests EU stance on liquidity risk ratings
FTAdviser: Advisers want to improve structured products knowledge
New Model Adviser: Is probability vital in assessing structured products
FTAdviser: Risk rating system introduced for structured products
Portfolio Adviser: New structured products ratings being rolled out
New Model Adviser: How do structured deposits compare to bank accounts?
What Investment: Only 1 per cent of structured products lost money in 2014
FTAdviser: Structured products body launches comparison tool
What Investment: Why structured products are gaining the trust of investors
New Model Adviser: How to use structured products to help clients mitigate tax
Fundweb: The complexity argument on structured products
What Investment: Structured products: a less stressful investment?
New Model Adviser: Switching sides: why two IFAs U-turned on structured products
Hexham Courant: Structured Products can boost your returns USKPA launches structured product classification system
FTAdviser: Call for platforms to offer structured products
FTAdviser: Tide turning as another platform mulls structured products Platform and Structured Products Survey Results
Financial Times: Equity gains help structured product returns
What Investment: Four Structured Products for a Balanced Portfolio
Journalist Event at the Shard

Journalist Event at the Shard

28th November 2013

We are delighted to have sponsored's event at the Shard in London on the evening of the 28th November 2013.
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2013 IFA Conferences

2013 IFA Conferences

Thank you to all those who attended our 2013 conferences.
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