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Belgian and UK trade bodies become full EUSIPA members

Brussels and London, 01 March 2016: The Belgian Structured Investment Products Association (BELSIPA) and the UK Structured Products Association (UK SPA) have joined fellow European structured products associations as full members of EUSIPA. The new membership status becomes effective on 1 March.

BELSIPA president Alain Flas said:
"BELSIPA has worked closely with EUSIPA on regulatory and political issues since it was established in 2013. Given our ambition to foster the overall transparency of the European marketplace in structured products, upgrading to Full Membership was a logical step. The move will strengthen both the national and European associations.”

UKSPA chairman Zak De Mariveles added:
"UKSPA has gained significant momentum in recent years, attracting new members and delivering on a number of projects that are helping shape the structured product industry in the UK. Given the importance of upcoming regulatory changes at the European level, we are delighted to join EUSIPA as a Full Member and welcome the opportunity to work together with other associations across Europe to influence the sector’s voice more broadly.”

EUSIPA president Reinhard Bellet concluded:
"The Full Membership of UK SPA and BELSIPA is an important evolution for EUSIPA. Belgium, with its strong national market and sophisticated regulatory landscape has always attracted a lot of attention at the European level. The UK SPA’s anchorage in global financial services hub the City of London, meanwhile, is a powerful contribution to our association given that many banks centralise their product manufacturing in the UK.”

EUSIPA was founded in 2009 as the European main trade body for issuers of listed structured retail investment products. It brings together the national associations of Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland and The Netherlands, UK and Belgium. BELSIPA was founded in 2013 by the major domestic and foreign issuers of structured products in Belgium, namely KBC Group, ING Bank Belgium, Belfius Bank, BNP Paribas-Fortis, Commerzbank and Société Générale. UK SPA was founded in 2009 to give member firms the opportunity to help promote the industry, engage with regulators and provide a useful source of information to the wider investment community.

Download the full PDF here.

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