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UKSPA publishes educational videos to help fill investor knowledge gap

16th August 2016: The UKSPA has launched a series of videos aimed at financial advisers and their retail clients, explaining how different types of structured product work and who they might be suitable for.

Structured products can be a useful part of portfolio planning, however it is essential that investors understand what they are buying and have access to sufficient information to decide whether a structured product is right for them. While brochures from providers explain individual products in considerable detail, there are very few independent resources that retail investors can reference to supplement this information. The UKSPA videos were therefore created to provide a concise and impartial source of information to help investors make more informed investment decisions regarding structured products.

The UKSPA has produced two videos for each of the UKSPA Product Codes, explaining how each payout works and who it might be right for. The combination of simple graphics and language, together with detailed worked examples are designed to complement the advice process and give investors the understanding that they need to invest with confidence.

UKSPA Chairman, Zak de Mariveles, comments:

"One of the UKSPA's key missions is to provide quality education for the investment community, and this project demonstrates our commitment to just that. In the past, we have provided a valuable source of information and education to the adviser community, via various online guides and our countrywide roadshows, but this is our first education project aimed directly at end investors. While we recognise the benefits of quality financial advice and the work our members have done to ensure product brochures are clear, fair and not misleading, we also understand that many investors want to do their own independent research before making decisions. However until now, there have been very few sources where they can find out more about structured products in a more general capacity. We sincerely hope that our videos rectify this, and that investors find them of use when trying to determine whether structured products are right for them."

The videos are available to view on by visiting any of the individual Product Code links listed on this page.

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