1399 - Growth Other

Term Fixed
Return Growth
Sector Non-Protected Growth
Income Calculation The payment of a return at maturity depends on the performance of the Underlying and is not captured by the other Protected Growth product descriptions.
Capital Repayment Full repayment at maturity only if the Underlying meets certain pre-specified conditions (for example, closing above a certain level (the 'protection barrier'). This can be measured throughout the term (sometimes referred to as an 'American' barrier) or at maturity only (sometimes referred to as an 'European' barrier), depending on the terms of the product. If the condition is not met, capital is at risk. The repayment of capital will typically depend on how far the Underlying has fallen at maturity.
Investor Profile
  • Does not expect the Underlying to breach the condition required to protect capital, but understands their capital is at risk if it does.
  • Has a moderate to high risk profile (willing to put their investment at risk to achieve greater returns).
  • Does not need an income from their investment.
  • Expectation of the performance of the Underlying depends on the income calculations as described in the product brochure.
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